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      1. 深圳vi設計



        深圳vi設計 深圳vi設計公司 深圳vi設計價格 公司vi設計 品牌vi設計 vi企業形象設計 深圳品牌設計公司





        客  戶金蘋果國際幼兒園



        Golden Apple kindergarten is an international kindergarten in Humen, Dongguan, mainly for children aged 3-6. We should expand preschool education and create a cradle for children's enlightening education and  happy growth. The kindergarten covers an area of about 15,000 square meters, with a building area of more than 8900 square meters, a square area of about 7,200 square meters and a green area of about 7,200 square meters.

        6000 square meters, planning 16 classes, can accommodate nearly 500 children. The appearance of the garden is like a piano, elegant and steady, while the colorful exterior walls are full of childlike interest. The park is equipped with Creative Beauty lab room, scientific discovery room, role game room, construction game room and other complete function room, more constant temperature TourThe swimming pool can be used for children to play in the water; outdoor with a play pool, happy farm, etc. Ocean theme plastic playground is distributed with a variety of outdoor amusement equipment, is a
        playground for children.



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