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      2. 頂點動態
      3. 行業資訊
      4. Cicero Advertising S.A. 品牌推廣

        編輯人:深圳市頂點企業形象策劃有限公司 發布時間:2018-12-02

         客戶:在2016喬治亞當蒂斯和Evangelos Tsaras合力和專長,以創建一個新的廣告和營銷機構。新成立的Cicero團隊與國內外最大規模的客戶合作。
        嗯,我們采用了一個嚴格的調色板,白色和灰色是表面上的主要顏色,黑色是唯一的顏色,用于排版和黃金的Cicero mark。法律公司的感覺幾乎總是贏家,如果你玩正確的牌。我們選擇了用灰色和白色紙層疊的卡片,我們用金黃色來強調機構的工作質量,所有固定的應用程序都是由臭名昭著的哲學家/律師的單獨引用完成的。

        Who: In 2016 George Adamantides and Evangelos Tsaras joined forces and expertise, in order to create a new advertising and marketing agency. Though newly-established, the Cicero team works with both domestic and universal clients of the biggest scale.

        What: "The name of the agency is Cicero, so think of it as we are some kind of creative attorneys for our clients. We'd like to have some kind of distinctive law firm look, in order to highlight Cicero's primary profession. We need this identity to breathe confidence and quality."

        Well: We deployed a strict color palette with white and gray being the dominant colors on the surfaces, black as the only color being used in typography and gold for the Cicero mark. The law firm feeling is almost always a winner, if you play your cards right. We chose cards laminated with gray and white papers, we used gold color to highlight the quality of the agency's work and all stationary applications were completed with a separate quote from the infamous philosopher/lawyer.

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