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      4. De la O 品牌推廣, 圖形設計, 編輯設計

        編輯人:深圳市頂點企業形象策劃有限公司 發布時間:2018-11-19

        以塞維利亞特里亞納附近的產地命名的“De la O”已經成為這個城市最受歡迎的餐館之一。它坐落在一條名為“Paseo Nuesta SeNooa de LaO”的街道上,這是位于瓜達爾奎爾維爾河岸上的一個神奇的地方。它的特點是它的食物,這是典型的區域,有機和KM 0。這些菜肴是用季節性產品制成的,充分利用了它們原有的品質和味道。

        De la O Restaurant
        Named after its place of origin in the neighborhood of Triana in Seville, ‘De la O’ has become one of the most highly regarded restaurants in the city. It is located in a street called ‘Paseo Nuestra Señora de la O’, a magical place on the banks of the Guadalquivir river. It is characterized by its food, which is typical of the region, organic and Km 0. The dishes are made using seasonal products, making the most of their original qualities and taste.
        The letter O acts as a link between the restaurant, its name, its style of cooking and the street where it is situated. These elements were used for the concept and graphic development of the brand. The main logo is formed by an O, a circular form which can be commonly found in the neighborhood and has greatly influenced our final product. These circles are part of the iron structure of one of the most emblematic monuments in the neighborhood, Triana Bridge. It is located next to the restaurant and its circles connect the neighborhood to the rest of Seville.
        To develop the brand we worked together with the architects Gema Aguilera Gómez and Manuel Llerena Maestre, designers and owners of the restaurant. The range of colours were chosen from the materials used inside the premises, where the black of the entrance combines with the brown and grey of the walls and ceilings. These were used for the creation of all the different graphic elements: the website, stationary and a book, which as well as being the menu, also tells its history and provides information about events and exhibitions which take place there.


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